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Samsung DeX can still learn from the HP Elite x3 to get it right


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

Samsung's second generation Continuum-alike for the Galaxy S9 is better than last year, but it's still not as good as the system HP built for the Elite x3 back in 2016.
Now the buzz from Mobile World Congress has died down a little bit, I've had time to properly go back and digest all the news. For Windows fans, predictably a slow show, with Android once again the overarching dominator.
The pack leader has to be the Samsung Galaxy S9, as anyone could have predicted before the event. But while the phone itself gets all the headlines, I've been curious to see where the Continuum-alike DeX was going for 2018. And I'm still disappointed.
In 2016 HP produced a portfolio with the Elite x3 that showed how to do this. And I'm a little surprised that it's still the best implementation so far of turning a phone into a PC. Samsung and anyone else trying this need to take a look at what late-2016 Windows 10 Mobile had to offer.

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