"Saved Pictures" disappearing


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Aug 1, 2013
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(Mostly) proud owner of my HTC 8XT for about a month now.

I noticed when I first got the phone, I would save a photo from browser, email, etc and it would land in a "Saved Pictures" folder. Since I had just gotten the phone I would of course frequently restart it while changing settings. I noticed that if I restarted the phone very shortly or shortly after saving a picture, the picture would be gone once it restarted. I googled it and searched here, and did not find any such mention. I figured maybe the act of restarting the phone is such short manner after saving the image caused it to get cleared from some cache before the filesystem had a chance to properly flag the file for retention. Who knows.

So I avoided the practice of arbitrarily restarting the phone, especially by holding power instead of pressing and swiping down. This seemed to curb the issue. I didn't look into it further.

In the past few days I had to several times restart my phone because it has been sluggish and performing more poorly since I put an SD card in it. Also had a problem with "other" storage. So after all that a day later, I just went back for no particular reason to scroll through some photos I had saved, and I noticed that at least half of the several dozen pictures I had in there are now gone... I am just about positive the photos all originally made it to the SD card because I was checking storage amounts and seeing the photo previews in the "Windows Phone App" for Windows 8 while adding music.

Does anyone have experience with this or can explain this behavior? If I save a picture then I obviously intend for it to be saved indefinitely. I can't imagine what is causing them to disappear...

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