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Screen protector for 830


New member
Jul 20, 2013
Any one got hands on a good curved screen protector? I tried glass one but as 830's display curves at sides it doesn't fit perfectly.
Looking for something that'll cover whole screen.


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Dec 18, 2011
I tried three screen protectors. Only one fit around the curves and it's the one from Skinomi. However, the search button stopped working with the screen protector on our phones. I punched a hole into the protector for the search button and it works again.
Amazon.com: Skinomi? TechSkin - Nokia Lumia 830 Screen Protector Premium HD Clear Film with Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty / Ultra High Definition Invisible and Anti-Bubble Crystal Shield - Retail Packaging: Cell Phones & Accessories

the next best one for us was the Fosmon, which is dry apply. However, same issue with search button and it doesn't cover a substantial part of the screen.
Amazon.com: Nokia Lumia 830 Screen Protector - Fosmon Crystal Clear (HD) Screen Shield with Lifetime Warranty (3 Pack): Cell Phones & Accessories

You may be lucky and a screen protector works on yours. You can try this with a plastic wrap film on the phone and see how your search button behaves. I think your best bet is a wet apply protector as these are flexible enough to conform to the L830's curvature and covers the entire screen.

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Jul 10, 2012
+1 for Skinomi. I used one before I took it completely off. Skinomi had a support rubbery texture, something I would not prefer. But it does fit the 830's screen the best.