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Sneak peek of Ring Video Doorbell 2.0 for Windows 10 and Mobile

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Dec 17, 2013

'Smart home' company Ring is doing a complete overhaul of its app for Windows 10. Here is an exclusive first look at what's coming!
We recently reviewed the Ring Video Doorbell Pro – a smart doorbell with full HD video and security support – including how well it worked with Windows 10 and Mobile. While the app works just fine the lack of significant updates was a little worrying.

In that review, I was concerned that Ring may not be 100 percent committed to Windows 10 for future Ring products. Looks like my fears were unfounded. Ring has an update in testing that's a complete overhaul and rewrite for Windows 10 and I got an early look. Here is the forthcoming Ring Video Doorbell 2.0 app for Windows 10.

Full story from the WindowsCentral blog...

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