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Jul 27, 2008
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Anonymouse said:
i've been beta testing this device from vzw for about 3 wks now and yes it does have the TouchFlo 3d on it. The software seems to be running very slow, but i'm hoping this is just due to beta firmware. the device is also very slow on going from potrait to landscape when sliding out the keyboard.

the pro's on this device, the TouchFlo3d is very slick. the weather is "humorous" especially when you find a place that's rainy. The interface seems reliable, but again, i'm awaiting my production firmware to be sent.

as far as battery life, i get almost a full 12-14hrs out of it using activesync with email, calendar, and contacts sync'd. I average 40 emails a day and 5-6 calendar reminders. also about 10-20 calls that last from 20min - 1.5hrs.

If you've been beta testing, are you allowed to talk about it now that it is released? If so, how much RAM does it have? 192 MB as previously believed, or 128 MB that it claims on the website? Is GPS locked to VZ Navigator?

That battery life, while not great, doesn't sound too bad, and you definitely use it MUCH more than I do, at least phone-wise.

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