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Jul 27, 2008
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efudd said:
i too love the optical mouse, but you have to set it on fast. otherwise it take a lot of moving around to get it where you want it.

also on the "navigation mode" sucks. i kinda wish if you changed it to this option, it was more of a 5 way button instead of a "touch pad".

couldn't agree more.

optical kicks butt for many things. With mouse mode you NEVER need to take the stylus out (except to use for the requisite - I'm a windows device and locked up- resets - laughing). The way you can drag and drop by holding down and sliding your finger is really wild. I can see this becoming more universal.

But certain apps just don't play nice with the mouse mode and you need nav mode- and it is just not as efficient as a 5way. i wonder if the optical mouse sees position or just movement- if it sees position then maybe they can tweak the nav mode to act more like a 5way. Or maybe those apps get updated.... For example the configuration program for slide2lock has flo on it and in nav mode the optical mouse acts just like if you flick your finger on the screen, but it's better because your thumb is already on the mouse anyway.

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