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Spend $75 or more on almost anything at eBay and get $15 off the total


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013
Get that device you've been eyeing the most.
So eBay is busting out another crazy site-wide sale. This time, fill your shopping cart with at least $75 worth of eligible items and you can get $15 off the total with the code PSUPERSUMMER. This is a one-time use coupon, but you don't have to find one $75 item. The total just needs to be $75 for everything you're buying. Of course, since it's only $15 off no matter how much you spend, there is no maximum amount to your spending here either. We have seen a few eBay site-wide sales recently that are a bit better than this, but if you maximize the coupon by getting as close to $75 as possible it's essentially as good on savings as any of those other eBay deals.

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