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Star Wars Battlefront II didn't deserve all the hate it received

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Dec 17, 2013

Battlefront II's loot-box system earned it a negative reputation, but did the game really deserve ALL the hate it got?
It's indisputable that Battlefront II was structured in a way that made earning items a steep grind unless you were willing to fork over money and buy its loot crates. Though EA and DICE have removed those crates from the game (at least for now), the unlock system left in their wake remains a chore to progress through.
Even if the teams behind Battlefront II can successfully tweak the system into being satisfactory, the damage has been done. The negative press surrounding the game has likely led to the disappointing sales in its launch month, and community opinion of the game is not improving.

That said, I don't think Battlefront II deserves all the hatred it received. Many reviewers gave the game a harsh score (including our own Jez Corden) because of its progression system fiasco, and while I think that situation is a big issue, I feel many glossed over the rest of the game and the greatness it has to offer.

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