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Stellaris: MegaCorp DLC lets you become your own intergalactic crime lord


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

Stellaris is a vast 4X strategy game from Paradox, set in a dynamic galactic community. The MegaCorp DLC adds some commerce into the mix.

Stellaris allows you to build up your very own sci-fi galactic empire. Like most Paradox titles, the game has been supported aggressively with large feature updates and paid expansions. MegaCorp is the latest.
MegaCorp adds new governing systems for prospective empires, focusing on commerce, crime, and galactic franchising. In addition, the 2.2 "Le Guin" update fully revamps core aspects of the game, such as planet management, while introducing new systems like trade.

Here are some immediate impressions of MegaCorp for Stellaris, which is available now for PC on Steam and other digital retailers.
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