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Kevin Hill2

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Jul 16, 2014
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I have had my 920 going on 2 years and I have been waiting and watching for Nokia and now Microsoft to come out with a newer phone that is better than the 920, sure they have some with bigger and better cameras and a few with bigger processors, but they do not really work any better then the 920. Oh they are lighter and thinner and some have metal bands, but they all are basically the same phone, with the exception of the 1520, now that is a true Flagship phone. But it is really big. The new 830 is the closest they have come to a replacement for the 920, but is it really? I don't think so, I would always feel like I went down to a lesser phone. Do I need the top of the line super flagship phone ? No probable not, Do I want a new style super Lumia flagship phone? YES. But sadly I do not see one coming anytime soon, the closest thing out there right now is the HTC M8 Windows phone and the L 1520 and they are both going on a year old. Microsoft seems happy to make cheaper phones hoping to sell more, but cheaper means cheaper, I can see big problems down the road for that flimsy back they put on the 830 and that alone is enough for me to say no to it. So I guess if I am going to upgrade anytime soon it will have to be the HTC M8 but then that brings up a whole new set of.......... well you know.


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Jan 12, 2013
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I've read countless times that the L1020 is exactly like the L920, but with an extra GB of RAM (probably dedicated to image processing) and the camera. But with the rumors (is this still a rumor?) of dropping "Phone" from "Windows Phone" in launching Windows 10, I suppose Microsoft is looking at homogenizing the user experience across all its devices, so we should start expecting little differences in using, e.g., two different windows phones. All the buyers have to do then is to decide based on hardware: phone (and screen) size, performance and imaging quality.

If your vision is slightly impaired or if you like watching movies, playing HD games and have huge hands, go for the 1520 or 1320. If you're a photographer and you don't want to bring a bulky DSLR around, go for the 1020. If you want a phone that has all the essential functions of a "phone" with no "extra" features, then go for the lower numbered Lumias. If you're really minimalist, then go for a Lumia that ends in "10" if you can still find one*. At the end of the day, a 1520 user can and will be able to use a 1320, 1020, 920, 830, 520, 810*, 610* or the HTC M8 because of the homogenized user experience, and so with future windows phone models with the same UX.:cool:

BTW, Microsoft only acquired Nokia, not HTC, so the HTC M8 should look quite different from the Lumias.:angel:

*- I am aware the support for Windows Phone 7 has ended a just over a month ago, but the UX is still based on the same principles.

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