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Surface Phone

Brandon Tobias

New member
May 6, 2014
I really think MS should complement the next gen surface AKA surface 4 with a phone ..

spec wise
Snapdragon 805 or next gen Qualcomm CPU.
3GB ram.
Micro SD card expanstion.
16GB and 32GB models.
5.1" WQHD 2160 x1440 Super AMOLED.
Stereo speakers (Perimeter Sound) that keep the perimeter venting of the surface tablet but its for the speakers.
VaporMG casing.
USB 3.1 with USB C connector.
BT 4.0 LE.
Wireless charging (optional).
IR blaster.
2600 - 3300 mAh battery.
L.E.D notification light.
20+ MP camera with OIS, Dual Tone LED flash.
5MP micro front facing camera with auto focus.
4 HD microphones hidden in the perimeter vent design.
9 to 9.1mm device thats compact for the screen size.
Black & White colours

As for windows
I was thinking On screen buttons (reconfigurable layout).
Unique Surface apps and features.
can work with the Surface pro 3's pen.
Hover and Air gesture like features (synaptics digitizer).
Always on (listening) Cortana.
integration with the surface tablet.
wireless sync to surface or pc.
special accessories (view cover, cases, high quality head phones, pen, etc).

Design will follow the Surface closely with some nice touches
hidden speakers using Perimeter sound which can also be a vent Perimeter venting.
chamfered edges and 22 degree angle around the sides of the device
power button will be up top and would conceal the IR blaster
bottom of the device will have a USB 3.1 with C connector port.
phone will come in black (black digitizer with very dark grey painted VaporMG case and black accents) or
White (white digitizer with natural colour VaporMG case and white accents).
notification light will be at the bottom of the device as a thin bar 1" wide RBG led.
sensors will be hidden or integrated into speaker grill slot for a clean look.
surface branding small and neat in front with a respectable logo in the back.
camera and LED in the back will be clean just a black or silver ring around them.

yall can add more stuff the Surface Phone is to be a prime device like the galaxy S5 prime (LTEA edition) or LG G3 cat6 edition. its a step above the Lumia flagships with its on MS made apps for it and special feature-set.

no mockups but if you want to help me do one PM me