Switched to Titan from Focus S: Quick reaction & comparison


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Nov 8, 2011
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This is my personal thought and impression. Your mileage may vary.

I picked up Focus S the day it came out. I was very well impressed with the OS but perhaps less with the hardware itself. Mine came with a battery defect, but I decided to wait a little longer for Titan so I could see my options.

Here are a few key points:
1. Better material = Slip-free handling
I like Focus S, but I thought it feels plasticky (for lack of a better term). The combination of the plastic material and the contour make the device a bit slippery to handle. I drop it once and almost drop it numerous of times.

Yes I'm an Asian and I have a smaller hand, but I don't think that is the case. Holding Titan feels natural despite the fact that it's slightly larger than Focus S. The key is the metal chasis not only on the back but all around it, so that it feels secured on my hand. The contour does help too because it's not as curvy as Focus S.

2. The camera button
Titan does it right! The problem with Focus S is that the button is somewhat loose and it's very easy to accidentally press it. What happenf is that I become so consciously aware of this issue that handling the phone becomes somewhat awkward.

The camera button on Titan is not as raised as Focus S and it's quite firm. It's almost impossible to accidentally press it. However, they require you to add an extra push to the button to take a picture. It takes some getting used to, but it's not bad at all.

3. The Power button
This is where Focus S has a slight advantage over Titan. The power button on Focus S is okay, although after weeks of using it I still don't understand why they put it on the right. But it still works okay.

The issue with Titan is that the button is not raised enough, so it makes it harder to press if I'm holding and pressing at the same time with one hand. It's not a deal breaker by any mean but it's still a bummer nonetheless.

4. The Screen
I think you can't go wrong with Titan or Focus S in the screen department.
Perhaps it's me being picky (this may have something to do with my daily job as a designer), but I thought the color on Titan is slightly less saturated compared to Focus S. But nonetheless they are very comparable.

I was contemplating to mention this or not, because I thought this was a bit vague. The Titan screen is somewhat very easy on the eye. And at the same Medium brightness, the screen on Titan is not so glaring.

Pixels are more pronounced on Titan? Nope, it's barely noticeable. Unless you dedicate your time to do some pixel hunting, then yes you will see that it's more pronounced than Focus S.

5. The Volume button
I don't completely understand why they put the Volume buttons on the right. But for my situation (smaller hand) it makes sense. Titan is big and slightly wider than Focus S, reaching the button is not much of a problem than pressing it.

Since I always hold my phone with my right hand, the volume buttons are always within the reach of my thumb. If I hold it with my left hand somewhat my finger has trouble pressing the top volume button. So I guess this may well be a legitimate reason behind the button placement.

6. Bigger Keyboard
The keyboard on Titan is bigger although not by much but you can certainly tell. It's easier to type although typo is still happening here and there :)

7. Little things count
- Subtle Vibration: The vibration you feel when you tap the win/search/back buttons is very subtle on Titan, which is very nice.
- Ringtones: I think I prefer the Titan's collection better :) Although they pretty much sound the same lol
- Panorama and Burst shots: Very nice additions :) I like the panorama function a lot.

Overall I think Titan is a better device than Focus S. Focus S is a good device too but perhaps not in the $199 category.
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Oct 8, 2011
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I'm glad to come across this. I have the S and will be picking up a Titan as well. The only issue I'll be facing then is trying to figure out which to keep..lol

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Jun 5, 2011
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Excellent comparison. I currently own both as I just can't decide so I thought I would add in a few of my observations to yours since I have both phones side by side.

WEIGHT-The Titan is definitely heaver, but it feels like I would expect, and the Focus S seems freakishly light and it keeps wanting to pop out of my hand due to the size and weight combination.

DIMENSIONS-The Titan is a little bigger but not much bigger and I wouldn't be put off by the length and width of the Titan. The Focus S has a more dramatic undercut at the edges so the Titan feels wider than it actually is. This matters for fit in your hand and doesn't affect how it fits in your pocket.

SPEED-I've read a couple of posts saying that the Titan is faster. I just don't see it. I tried various apps, web pages, etc. and they are virtually the same.

SCREEN CONTENT-The larger screen of the Titan doesn't get you any more words than the Focus S on a web page. The letters are just larger. In fact, on some pages, for whatever reason, the Focus S has 1-3 lines more information than the Titan on the exact same web page. That was surprising to me. The Titan never has more text than the Focus S under any circumstances.

SCREEN QUALITY-It's well known than the Titan has whiter whites and more subdued colors and the Focus S colors are highly saturated and the whites have a blue tint. I always liked those Samsung screens, but now after looking at the Titan, the blue-ish over-saturation now looks a little silly to me. I wish the Titan had just a bit more saturation.

ONE HANDED USE-I CAN use it one handed, but the question I need to answer for myself is, do I WANT TO use it one-handed? Do I want to stretch my thumb so far all day long, every day? That's what I haven't decided. Luckily we get 30 days to decide. There are some apps where I need to touch the very top of the screen and I am really stretching to hit the target. I have medium to medium-large hands. If not, then I have to use it two-handed which I really don't want to do. Even reaching for the back button while holding the phone in my right hand and reaching with my thumb is a bit of a reach.

The perfect phone for me would be a 4.5" Titan. I like the Titan over Focus S in every way, except I am hesitating on whether the screen will be too large to navigate on a daily basis. Still evaluating and deciding......
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May 3, 2011
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One thing I think you missed:
The Titan kicks the Focus S in the butt when it comes to sound. There's no pop between songs through the 3.5mm jack, the volume is louder, and the speaker sounds much better.

One other thing I like about the Titan is Attentive Phone. If you're talking on the phone and need to use your hands for something, just put the phone face down and it automatically switches to speakerphone. If you're phone is ringing and you want it to stop, just turn it face down and the ringing stops. That's why the screen isn't flush, because it's meant to be put glass-side-down a lot. Brilliant design! I love it!


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Nov 22, 2011
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The perfect phone for me would be a 4.5" Titan. I like the Titan over Focus S in every way, except I am hesitating on whether the screen will be too large to navigate on a daily basis. Still evaluating and deciding......

This is the only thing I'm worried about... It felt rather large and the small amount of time that I played with it in the store, I think I won't like it. But thankfully, it's 30 days deciding time. I hope I like it. The Focus S just doesn't seem that great.


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Jul 19, 2011
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Put your Titan on Bright, the colors are so saturated your eyes will bleed. I think you guys are too used to your AMOLED unrealistic colors.

I agree. I had them side by side at the ATT store and the Focus S colors look....unnatural. Clouds and skin, and other whiteish hues have not so subtle blue tinges.


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Oct 6, 2006
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Its widely known that all Super AMOLED+ (really all lines in the series) have the blue'ish tint and super rich colors......


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Jan 1, 2011
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Anyone of y'all that have both can give me a comparison on the camera and the quality of pictures that each of them take?

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