Tell me what you do with your Touch Pro/Fuze

Dave Blake

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Jan 11, 2008
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This is one thread that I like to start on all my new PPC?s well at least the ones I am happy with and keep for a while.

Just what the title says tell us what cool accessories programs etcetera you use and how you use it. I know there are a lot of snappy ways to use the Touch Pro that I haven?t thought of so fill me in on what you?re doing. I will get the party started.

I have Sprint Navegation for guidance I use my Scosche windshield mount to keep my TP visible while driving without creating a distraction from the road or my driving. I have a Motorola 505 Bluetooth speaker with FM radio transmitter this is a nice accessories I recommend this one it works in wireless stereo mode over Bluetooth so basically it plays all the music, ringers, Sprint Navegation direction prompts and phone ringer. All of the sounds are broad casted over my trucks stereo speakers via FM transmission. I have used FM transmitters in the past for other devices and I was not impressed but with this device I have been pleasantly surprised with the clarity it uses something called punch through technology and will find the clearest channel where you are then tell you what station to put your stereo on this works nicely to get the best signal possible. I have an IGo car charger which dose a very good job keeping my TP charged I even gain some battery even with heavy use.


The seen:
I am driving down the road I have music from my 900 plus songs library playing, Sprint Navegation is on the screen giving me directions and prompts without stopping the Music it just says the directions right over the music playback. The phone rings I tap the answer button on the Moto 505 the music stops the call is connected I am talking to the person and what they are saying is coming through my truck speakers. (Very Cool) I hang up the music starts playing Sprint Navegation shows on the screen, but wait I need to make a call I tap the phone button on my Moto 505, the music stops, voice command prompt starts I say call (name here) Voice command actually understands me and calls the requested person and the cycle continues. I drive allot and I am on the phone all the time this combination helps me keep working while maintaining my focus on driving so I can stay safe in heavy DFW area traffic.

:thumbleft: Now tell me what you do with your TP. :thumbright:

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