Thank You Samsung For The Lumia 1520


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Aug 31, 2012
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And thank you Nokia for not listening to the Nokia apologists. Samsung has shown that people do want large screens despite the vocal minority behind a keyboard on tech forums that can't see past their own blind hate for one company and their blind loyalty to another. Nokia at least realizes they need to offer wide range of choice in order to make a real dent in the market. Big, thick, heavy phones will not win over the masses. Thank you Nokia for seeing what Samsung is doing to the market and copying that. Giving customers choice will always win over telling customers what is best. I'm guessing all those people that made fun of the Galaxy Note's size will have to just stay quite now. Or those people that said a CPU like the Snapdragon 800 was unnecessary and overkill, what will they say now? I now hope MS will take these handsets and give them the Hardware that the OS deserves. Don't do the Apple thing and tell people it's all about the software. Of course software is important, but why does that mean we have to skimp out on hardware. We want bleeding edge hardware that will keep us future proofed to take full advantages of new features for at least 3 years of OS updates. The 1520 is a good start.

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