Thanks Nokia Support.... for nothing!


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Aug 22, 2013
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So I won a 1520 from a microsoft store contest and my 1020 just got replaced via store warranty. Since I had the 1520 I never used the 1020. Now that my screen recently cracked on the 1520 I decided to use my 1020 since it's new and I never used it. So I went to ATT to get a sim and put in the sim card and it wasn't detecting my sim card. At this point i'm thinking ok maybe ATT didn't activate it. Went back and got a new sim and it still didn't work. Tried the same sim in a different device and it was working.

Tried a factory reset and guess what, it did not work. So I decided to contact Nokia Care and they tell me to try everything that i've done and ruled it as a defective device and that they would take a look. A few days later I get an email back saying:

Thank you for sending us your Nokia device for service. Unfortunately, we weren?t able to repair

your device because it shows damage that is not covered by the Nokia limited warranty. The

damage found may have been:

Corrosion damage to the electronic circuitry inside the unit. Corrosion, typically caused by


exposure to liquids or excessively moist air, is not covered by the Nokia limited warranty

and / or

Physical damage to the device that is not covered by the Nokia limited warranty.


Please visit our website - Support - - Microsoft - USA for out of warranty repair options.

For more information about your Nokia limited warranty please visit

Support - - Microsoft - USA.

We appreciate your business and we regret that we were unable to repair your device. As you seek

a replacement, we hope you?ll consider another Nokia product.


Your Nokia Authorized Service Center

I don't know how I can damage it when I never even used the phone. I'm a huge Nokia/WP fan and now i'm stuck with cracked 1520 and a new 1020 that doesn't even work. Thanks for listening to me vent guys. I do have an upgrade to use. Just might go iOS or Android...


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Nov 22, 2013
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Ohh that really sucks. Try going back to the store and making a little noise and saying that you have bought the 2 most expensive Lumia phones, you are a loyal Windows Phone customer and would really be disheartened if they treat you this way. Maybe they might consider doing something.

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