The Elgato's 4K60S+ is a content creator's best friend

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Dec 17, 2013
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The Elgato 4K60S+ is an event capture card ideal for businesses and serious content creators on the road.

Game capture in the 4K era has been a bit of an issue for businesses and content creators. At most events I've been to as a games writer, most companies have been using things like Atomos camera monitors to capture 4K60 gameplay footage, even though they aren't really intended for this purpose, and they can be incredibly expensive.
At the time, though, there simply wasn't a solution for capturing 4K 60 FPS footage on the go, without hooking up a full PC, and having content creators either bring their own storage devices, or having to email or share massive RAW unedited files. Not only is this inconvenient and impractical, it's also crazy expensive, particularly if the event or studio in question wanted to set up multiple Atomos devices for capture.
In typical Elgato fashion, the firm has stepped up to fill yet another niche in the content creator tools market, and it's a godsend for any business looking to set up an event, or any streamer who wants to take their capture capabilities on the road without lugging around a laptop.
This is the impressive standalone 4K60S+ capture device.

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