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The Evil Within 2 interview: On the difficulty of horror, improvements in the sequel, and more


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

The Evil Within 2 is here, and it's positively awesome (and brutally terrifying).
The game follows the events of the first, with Detective Sebastian Castellanos once again diving into a hellish STEM mindscape.
The Evil Within 2 continues the franchise's traditional blend of action and stealth, giving players even bigger open areas to explore, crammed with horrific nasties, a mystifying story, and grotesque bosses and set pieces. A simple preview of the game literally gave me nightmares, ahead of our 4.5/5 review penned by our own Paul Acevedo.
We recently caught up with The Evil Within 2's game director, John Johanas, to discuss the art of The Evil Within, the difficulties of producing a AAA horror game, and what feedback from the original title Tango Gameworks used to shape the sequel. Warning: There are spoilers for The Evil Within 1 in this interview.

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