The future of Xbox: Will history remember 'the end of exclusive games' as the right choice?


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Feb 3, 2024
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Microsoft has committed to bringing more of its first-party games to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, and it's a gamble that could pay off massively — but also backfire.

PlayStation 5 is reportedly outselling the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to a ratio of 3:1 globally
Any real sources ? the last source said 2:1 and some rumors said that playstation count ps portal, ps vr2, and accessories on ps5 numbers, do you is it true ? Please, if you dont' know don't affirm things that are not official.
you cannot compare the sale of xbox consoles with the sale of ps5 consoles. Xbox games are also released on PC, it is obvious that some players have switched to PC and have not purchased an Xbox console. But the fact that PlayStation is also moving in the direction of releasing more and more games on PC, and even directly on PC. There will also be an impact on PlayStation consoles in the long term =.

Xbox and PlayStation have the same strategy, it's just that Xbox has taken a head start and above all they can. While Xbox sends 2 service games that are several years old and 2 small games, Xbox produces big exclusive games. At least 5-6 exclusive games in 2024 alone: hellblade 2, indiana jones, avowed, towerborne, age of mithology, dlc starfield, new flight simulator, ara, etc.... And the years to come, xbox will remain at the same rhythm. While PlayStation doesn't produce games, nothing major until March 2025, they can't afford to distribute the few games they have on other consoles, quite simply, but they're going to do it anyway in a lesser extent.

But at the same time, Xbox and PlayStation know that it is important to keep system seller games. Spencer also said it, the 4 games that are going to other consoles were never thought of as exclusive games, remember? This means that it clearly differentiates between small games that need a new lease of life and big exclusive games that are important for the Xbox platform, important for selling consoles (or maybe you think they are). idiots? I don't think so, they know it very well). They insisted on the importance of hardware, of the Xbox ecosystem.

What is the Xbox ecosystem? It's the consoles, the PC, the cloud, the portable consoles (Xbox would work on a portable console) but it's not the competing consoles which will be confined to this type of games. Moreover, here too, Spencer clarified, the objective is to do branding, beyond selling more games, and to ensure that certain players take out gamepass or buy an Xbox. 81% switch players only play on switch. Do you see the potential?

The first thing to note is that Xbox's console business remains the apex of its income pyramid, at least right now.
why so much distrust? Spencer said at xbox business update their entire strategy, all their decisions are long-term, to grow the Xbox platform. What else do you want ? do you want them to sign a contract effectively committing to the long term? why specify "right now", why make allusions which have no place? Xbox was clear on this point, then you come to say that Xbox's communication is not clear, wouldn't it be you who tends to always doubt and misinterpret things? Why add fuel to the fire? Do you want more fake news?
Xbox lead Phil Spencer said during the Xbox Business Update podcast that people shouldn't expect more than this initial slate of 4 games to come to PlayStation, while leaving the door open to more if things pan out
You misinterpreted, spencer didn't say that, he said "don't see these 4 games as a sign that all xbox games are going to come to these platforms, that's not the case. He never says there won't be any other games, it's different! You see the problem, it's not how Xbox communicates, it's how some people misinterpret things.

Xbox has so many studios, they are in a sustained production rhythm, they can afford to envy for example a towerborne in 2 years, it won't change anything, in the meantime we will have fable, blade, gears 6, games which won't set foot in the competition, they're not stupid, it's a necessity to maintain an Xbox platform, they know that.

Capcom revealed a port for Monster Hunter Stories, targeting literally every platform except Xbox
what is the connection ? Monster Hunter Stories or Gundam Breaker 4, are niche games aimed at a Japanese audience especially, most PS5 and Swicth players won't even play them. This has nothing to do
Either way, I'd say it's pretty well known that Xbox isn't known for its "exclusive games" in 2024. Even if it was, Microsoft is arguably diluting reasons to buy into the Xbox console ecosystem, if fans on PS5 or PC can just "wait it out" for games like Starfield etc.
but what are you saying ? You're starting again with your fake news. Who said Starfield was going to be released on PS5. If that's what you believe, you have absolutely no understanding of Xbox's strategy, and you are only feeding the PlayStation trolls with fake news.

and how you can say: "I'd say it's pretty well known that Xbox isn't known for its "exclusive games" in 2024" are you kidding? Xbox releases lots of exclusive games (PC, consolesWindows Central News Feed: Comments & Discussion) like Indiana Jones or Hellblade 2, the videos of which together have garnered millions of views on YouTube. And on the other hand, no first party games from PlayStation, and many temporary exclusions from third party publishers. So here too, we could argue the same thing, Xbox players are ready to wait for Death Stranding 2 to come out on the gamepass as was the case for the first. the difference is that there will be no big games like starfield on playstation, it's you who starts these kinds of rumors without any sense.

everything you say afterwards comes from an imaginary world, it's interesting but everything you say Xbox already knows it, or you think you're smarter than them, and you shouldn't.

Of course, if you don't have control of a platform, you cannot control the marketing of your gamepass or your games. It’s obvious, they already know all that! It's nice to be of service but it's not useful, it only serves to fuel false assumptions about a strategy that is not theirs. From my point of view, they were very clear during the Xbox business update, but obviously some people like to cultivate imaginary worlds which will once again create fake news, anti-xbox trolls, etc...

you should be much more positive because Xbox unlike PlayStation is in very good health, they have the right strategy, the PlayStation preive follows them. It's this kind of articles that creates misunderstanding among people, you transmit your doubts, your bad interpretations and your bad analysis (sorry to say it) to lots of people. This is not constructive Jez.

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May 16, 2023
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Also: the 3:1 PS/Xbox ratio report is a one month report for Oct 2023 in europe only.
Not full year, not global.
And it includes PS4 sales.
And it came from Sony-friendly sources.

Sony is outselling XBOX but before that report, the differential was shrinking month by month. XBOX even outsold Sony in Japan for a couple months. And in the US they were and are neck and neck.

The scale is not as big as presented by fearwongers or handwringers. Nor does it matter. At the end of the day the matter is not Sony vs Xbox or who has the most boxes out there as this truncated generation plays out.

What matter *now* is who is best positioned for the AI gaming generation.
Sony has a larger installed base and the associated brand loyalty but as their recent financials revealed (6% net margin) they have issues. Sony Japan wouldn't have sent out a troubleshooter if they were happy with the direction of Playstation. But their problems are their problems and have zero bearing on tbe future of XBOX.

Trying to link the two *diverging* businesses is futile.

The future of XBOX is about maximizing the revenues from 42 studios and a $100B investment. And that goes beyond consoles.

MS has been doing day and date on PC since forever. With one code base, DirectX. And they're significant players on PC. That market is covered.
MS has a dozen live service games, give or take a definition. That market looks tapped out but they have it covered on all three sides (Zenimax, ABK, XGS).
MS has a major presence on mobile.
MS has Gamepass bringing in a steady $4B a year.
And MS is leading in AI while Sony and Nintendo will have to rely on others. That is the key to what is going on.

MS has been multiplatform since before buying Zenimax and, to be blunt, has no use for all the output that 42 properly-run studios can produce.

Over time, cloud *should* be a bigger market all irs own but that time is not now.

The next gen games are being worked on right now so MS needs to decide which will be full exclusives, which wil be timed, and which will be day and date multiplat. This will determine which games will be built around the features of the NextBox and the AI PCs they will run on and which will be crossgen (and crossplat and not rely on onboard AI) and how much to budget them at.

*That* is what matters to the future of XBOX.


Aug 8, 2013
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The end of exclusivity is the right thing because you can't ask anyone to buy a whole system for a game, period. It's bad for consumers.


May 20, 2014
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I am surprised how much the community calmed down, as Phil said exactly what everybody with common sense expected him to say. The article lays down the reasons this might become a death spiral to the Xbox console.

I find hard to recommend the Xbox to someone not invested in the ecosystem. Not only some titles will be available in other platforms, but also you can play an occasional Xbox exclusive through xcloud if you wish. At this point, it is better to figure out if you prefer Sony or Nintendo’s exclusives.

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