The most comfortable office chair I've ever used is getting even better built-in and adjustable lumbar support


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May 9, 2012
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Oh, a meaningful lumbar support adjustment would be awesome (as long as it really moves the lower back area inches not cm)! I have a fairly new Secret Lab chair, so I probably wouldn't buy another chair right now anyway (unless one of my kids wanted the Secret Lab chair, hmm...), but lack of a good lumbar adjustment is one of my two biggest complaints with the Secret Lab chair.

The Secret Lab chair does have a bit of a lumbar adjustment via a dial on the right side, but even set to its max, it's not as much as I'd like. How far does AndaSeat lumbar adjuster move the lumbar back?

The one other thing I'd prefer in a great chair would be a softer, bottom seat cushion. The Secret Lab bottom cushion feels a bit like sitting on a wooden bench. Not quite that hard, but much harder than my old, less adjustable desk chair.

So if someone comes along with a soft seat for my butt that I can sink into like a good sports car driving seat, with a great and long-travel lumbar support to really press against my lower back and help my posture when seated, in a chair that's roughly the shape of the Secret Lab chair, that would be my dream chair.

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