The Razer Kishi controller is the best way to experience Project xCloud

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Dec 17, 2013
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The Razer Kishi is an upcoming clip-on controller for Android phones, and it's the best way to experience Project xCloud yet.
The Razer Kishi controller is a truly stunning device that defies years of poor-quality attempts to bring some real ergonomic control to mobile gaming.
While touch-based mobile gaming is truly massive, it's a hard leap to make for anyone that has played games using a real gamepad. The precision and, frankly, immersion is elevated with a gamepad since you're not hiding the screen by strumming your thumbs all over everything.
Therein lies my biggest gripe with Project xCloud, Microsoft's big upcoming game streaming service. As awesome as it is, playing games on phones with touch just isn't fun for me. It's even less fun when you're playing games on phones that weren't designed for phones.
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With Nintendo Switch selling out faster than Nintendo can manufacture them, the market for truly ergonomic handheld gaming has never been healthier. It's that experience that emphasizes Project xCloud's biggest missing link — ergonomics. This is why the Razer Kishi is now the de-facto best way to experience Project xCloud, and probably mobile gaming in general.

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$80 at Razer
Best for Project xCloud
The Razer Kishi controller is the best way to experience streaming services like Project xCloud, Stadia, and more, on your mobile device.

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