The untold "app gap" story Part IV: Going from (A)pps to (B)ots

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Dec 17, 2013
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There are always two sides to a story.
Our ongoing analysis of the data presented in the 2015 US Mobile App Report, as reviewed in this series, clearly reveals an "app gap" story that is rarely, if ever, told by most tech media. That is the story of human behavior.

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Aug 28, 2008
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I hate to be super critical of people/editorials, but I really don't understand how/why it took something like 15,000 words to say "In my opinion the app gap isn't that big of a deal because people only use 20 apps 99% of the time, and we have a good portion of them - but the world will be transitioning to bots"

A lot of times, this is one of the things that really bothers me about windowscentral, this site is dedicated to microsoft coverage with sometimes a borderline "fanboy like" tilt to coverage. From a person that has been coming from wpcentral then windowscentral for the last 10 years or so, it's depressing that windows phones have been more or less a failure. Of course I'll always hold out hope, but in that transition to windowscentral I've seen a general assumption from the tilt of this site that if you're a fan of windowsphone, you're a fan of all things microsoft in general.

For some...maybe, but others, absolutely not.

But the thing that really makes me scratch my head about this editorial is the fact that because there's data to show that people only use their top 6 apps like 95% of the time, or that they only use a core of 25 apps, that people don't really care about the other apps that come and go in app stores.

People care, and it sucks that they aren't on the windows platform and never will be.

There was just an article on the verge about a new scale from withings, I believe it's called the withings cardio, I went to their website, saw they didn't support windows 10, asked if it was in the card and got a reply back with essentially "no, or iOS"

Would I love to use that scale? Absolutely. Is it something that would be in my top 25 apps? Absolutely not. But am I blocked from getting this app because I'm using a windows 10 computer and windows phone. Yup.

And the things is, there are literally hundreds of other products, thousands that are just like this that people use from day to day that make a huge difference in their lives, but would never even be able to use them if they were on a windows platform. Whether they're blood pressure monitors, thermostats, drones, glucose monitors, scales, smart home accessories, OBD adapters, lawn irrigation controllers, or a smart toothbrush. We're locked out - and bots will never change that.

The fact that a website of this stature would spend so much time trying to pitch people on the idea that apps aren't really as important as the "mainstream tech media" likes to make us think they are makes me think that you don't get it, or you're wanting to apologize to microsoft's failures.

This whole series really just makes me roll my eyes. No matter how good or influential bots are in the future, that doesn't change the fact that I wouldn't be able to buy a Withings Cardio scale if I wanted it. Again, it's just my opinion of course. But I don't know how anyone could reasonably say disregard all of the stuff you can't and will never be able to do, the future is bots. Bots literally won't change any of the problems that so many people have with the platform.

Anyways, back to work
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