The Wileyfox Pro Windows phone is a sad reminder of happier times

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Dec 17, 2013
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Believe it or not, there's a Windows Phone still on sale today in 2018. Is it any good? Let's find out.
For most of us, Windows 10 Mobile died in 2017 when Microsoft announced that it was no longer "focused" on its own mobile platform, opting to bring its experiences to iOS and Android instead. Even so, that didn't stop one hardware maker from pursuing its dream of having a Windows 10 Mobile device on the market for people to buy and use. First released late last year, and re-released a month or so ago, the Wileyfox Pro is considered by many to be the last Windows phone.
When the Wileyfox Pro first launched, it went on sale for close to £200 ($260), which was absolute robbery. With its recent re-release, however, it's now on sale for around £80, which, for what the Wileyfox Pro is, is a much better price. So, I recently picked up one to see what it was all about and to try and figure out why Wileyfox has put its Windows 10 Mobile handset back on sale, even though the state of Windows 10 Mobile hasn't improved.
Before we begin, Wileyfox says the Wileyfox Pro is a business phone. It's not designed for consumers, so keep that mind.

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