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The Windows Phone action game I, Gladiator is this week's myAppFree Deal


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

I, Gladiator is an action adventure Windows Phone game that has you playing the role of Rufus, a pawn that is caught in the middle of two warring Roman gods. To escape the clutches of the gods and regain control of his fate, Rufus must battle his way from the bottom of the gladiator hierarchy in a series of increasingly difficult tournaments.
I, Gladiator normally runs $2.99 but for the next twenty-four hours, through the myAppFree deal, you can pick the Windows Phone game up for free. Available for low-memory Windows Phones, the graphics look good, gaming controls are gesture based and in just tinkering with I, Gladiator for a short time the game comes across as an entertaining way to pass the time.

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