This versus Surface Pro 2?


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Dec 23, 2012
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It looks awesome. That, and I'm rooting for Dell to make a comeback. Take down HP from that No. 2 spot!

For all intents and purposes, though, it looks like an awesome device. It's also priced to sell.

Once people start carrying this thing, I'll see if I want to buy it or not.


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Jan 2, 2013
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Just saw a video of this on Cnet(yeah..). This thing looks awesome! It has a great docking station. A physical clamshell keyboard attachment and a foldable thin keyboard kind of like the Surface. Also is stylus ready. I'm kind of excited to see reviews and see this tablet in person. On the cnet video it said it would have an option for a Quad core baytrail in it. Which is something I'm interested in. But i'm curious to see how thin the tablet actually is. I do like that it is full HD too. The first tablet I had was the Surface RT loved it. Then got the opportunity to get the Samsung Ativ Smart 500t. I picked it up and sold my RT. I thought the atom clover trail was more capable for me. And I was wanting a stylus. I also have learned to love the keyboard clamshell that came with the 500t. So i'm excited to see a tablet that combines the clamshell keyboard, foldable keyboard, and docking station accessories. I think i'm almost rambling at this point. I'm excited for this and i'm tempted to sell my 500t to get it. Depending on the pricing and what I actually think of it in person. Also I think the Venue Pro 8 is pretty sweet too.

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