To those who can't use mix radio after Amber flash


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Mar 7, 2013
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After flashing my L920 with amber, I cant get mix radio to work like before (Changing region on settings). What I noticed is it actually works for a moment for the first time you open Nokia Music then suddenly hides the mix radio and other options.

So I experimented on it then what I found out was it was checking for your sim while connected to the internet (Sim's location? dunno). Knowing this, I just uninstalled Nokia Music again, removed sim card, installed nokia music then download mixes, pin to start then viola. You can put your sim card again and your mixes will still be on the Start Screen.

TL;DR: Uninstall Nokia Music, Change region to UK(or US, whatever), remove sim card, install Nokia Music again, create a new Nokia Account ( to be able to download high quality mixes through nokia music+ trial :cool: ), download mixes, pin to start, put back your sim.

Though in this method, you wont be able to access mix radio again because it will again be hidden on nokia music, you can still play offline mixes (as long as you pin them to start).

Better than no offline mixes at this time. Or tell me if you get it to work while your sim is on and everything.

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