Today's Xbox event is a glimpse into the difficulty of covid-era marketing

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Dec 17, 2013
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The Xbox games shown today weren't bad by any means, but the event was far from the bombastic and polished ones gamers are used to.
Today, Microsoft showed off its Xbox Series X gameplay showcase in a live stream on YouTube and other platforms. The event was billed specifically as a demonstration of the power of the Xbox Series X, but little was done to actually explain how any of the showcased games benefit specifically from the features and components present in the next-gen console.
Few of the games were really on the level we typically expect in these kinds of showcases. None of the games looked bad; in fact, they all looked great, but expectations were high as we ramp up into the regular E3 period, in a year without an actual E3.
This event offered a glimpse into the difficulty the industry may experience marketing their titles in the pandemic age, as they pivot to home-made experiences without the bombast and polish we typically get on a big Los Angeles stage.
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