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Dec 17, 2013
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[h=3]Windows Phone Central Game Roundup: Shooter Games[/h]If you are curious as to what new gaming and app titles are available in the Windows Phone Store, you need to check out the New and Rising section in the Store. You can filter out all the games and apps or dial it down to a specific genre to see what's new.
Once genre of games listed in the Store is the shooter games. These games typically call upon you to work your way through various gaming levels blasting everything in sight. They are often played from a first person point of view but you also have plenty games that are from a third person point of view where you control a character from an overhead view throughout the game.
For this week's roundup, we plucked four of the top rated Windows Phone shooter games from the New and Rising section of the Store. We have a somewhat traditional combat oriented game, a game that puts you at the target range, one where you hunt down dinosaurs and flipped a coin between the two Zombie oriented games that are in the top five titles. Ends up we picked the one with better graphics.

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