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Top Windows Phone app for the Microsoft Band (Part Two)


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

As the Microsoft Band becomes more popular and available, the number of apps designed for this multi-function device continues to grow in the Windows Phone Store. The full SDK for the Band was released late last month and we don't see this growth slowing down anytime soon.
A few weeks ago we spotlighted a handful of Windows Phone apps for the Microsoft Band and with the growth spurt this genre of Windows Phone apps is experiencing, we figured another roundup featuring Band apps might be helpful for those looking for such apps.
We've plucked four Band apps from the Windows Phone Store that help you customize your Band's appearance, that may help you in your travels, that will help you find your Band and one that still has some room for growth but conceptually could let you have a little fun with your Band.
As with all of our roundups, we cannot highlight all the fantastic apps and games available in the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store. We offer up a small collection of these titles and if we've overlooked your favorite, there's nothing nefarious afoot. Feel free to toss out your app recommendation below in the comments should your favorite not be listed.

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