touch pro 2 browser problem HELP!!


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Oct 24, 2009
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well im having some browser trouble and wondered if someone on here could help me trouble shoot a lot better then the people at at&t, now granted they did say there was a power outage in my area (elkridge, md by baltimore), but its like my internet explorer browser works have the time as well as the other browser. my settings are at media net and atsp or whatever, and its still trouble im thinking about taking it back for another device if i cant get any help, but i love this phone so i would like to figure this out.


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Oct 14, 2007
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media net comes pre-configured on the Tilt 2. First thing, you should check here:
Start/Settings/Connections/Connections/Advanced/Select Networks, and make sure both drop down menus are set to media net. Second, you can try your device on Wifi and see if you get the same results. Sometimes a soft reset is all you need to fix the problem. Another way of checking to see if you device has an internet connection is the manually update the weather tab. If it updates, then you have a connection. If all else fails, back up your device, do a hard reset by going to settings/system/clear storage to reset the device back to factory specs. I would remove the storage card if you have one before the hard reset though. If this does not work and you have verified that you have an internet connection available(with the power outage and all), then it may be time to return the device for another one. It is a good device with the stock rom, it's a great device with an XDA rom. I hope this helps.

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