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**** Tracker - Analyzing Your Urge to Purge


Sep 23, 2014
Check out the app that has already be feature on the Dvlup Blog.

Download It Now

It's hard to keep track of everything that is going into you, much less out of you. **** Tracker is a new tool for Windows Phone 8.1 that makes it easy to keep track of your eliminations. Don't let something as important as defecation fall by the wayside. Use this app to easily keep track of details about your body that would have normally have been forgotten. The bathroom is no place for guesswork.

Learn the moods of your bowels. Track the inner most trends of your movements like:
- Average Texture
- Average Toilet Paper Usage
- Average Comfort
- Average Time Between Bowel Movements

As the people who have this app know, it all comes down to poo. When you are not feeling well, understanding your leavings may be your first line of defense to bring you back to health. **** Logger is an app that is designed to be used quickly and discretely on the jon. Chances are, you already have your phone out while you're using the toilet. It may very well be worth while to spend two minutes to figure out what your body is telling you.

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