Transferring music playlists from PC to SD card


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Sep 20, 2013
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Hello all,

I have bought Lumia 720 some weeks ago. Had some minor problems, but I solved most of them. However I cannot solve one bigger problem. You see, I like to listen music a lot and I have many playlists in my PC in m3u format. I would like to transfer some playlist to my Lumia device and listen some music on this phone. But there are some issues...
Main problem is that I cannot transfer my music to SD card by "Windows Phone app for desktop". It transfers my music just to phone memory and that is not okay, because I want to transfer more than 10GB of music. I also tried using some additional software to transfer my playlists. One of them was "Windows Media Player". It copies my playlist to the SD card, but when I open this playlist on the device I see that not all songs are in this playlist - in the same playlist on the PC there are more than 30 songs and on the device there are approximately half. But it is not always like this. I did some soft resets and one hard reset for the device and sometimes it transfers the playlist correctly with all music files in it. I was quite happy with this when I finally managed to copy one of my playlist, but after a while I opened the Music app again and my playlist was missing. Where did it disappear?
Moreover, I noticed that after music transfer in songs section in Lumia device there are some music duplicates. I attached screenshot of this; you can see that there are four songs Chris Brown - As Your Friend.
I also tried some other software like Songbird and MediaMonkey but the results were the same.
Can someone help me? Did anyone managed to copy playlists to SD card and had no problems?


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Jun 11, 2013
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turn off connection to Xbox that "should" clear up double songs and
see the v circled ? click that and it changes from Phone to SD and visa versa.

You can also just drag and drop to music file on SD

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