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Feb 16, 2012
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Windows Phone since ever had Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Integration ? including a one step solution to share updates with all of them at once. Windows Phone 8.1 changed that. Instead of the former integration, Microsoft opened the ?Me?-Tile to enable apps to hook into it. Exactly what UniShare does ? but not only!

The app is free with In-App-Purchases and enables users to share to above mentioned networks like the former integration. Within the app, you can unlock more functions:

  • Image Upload: this package enables you to attach your photos or any other image to your status update. On top, you can take a photo and perform some editing actions from within UniShare after unlocking image upload.

  • Facebook pro sharing: Some of us are connected in Facebook groups, some have Facebook pages that need to be updated while we are on the go. Facebook pro sharing enables you to post simultaneously to your timeline, pages and groups ? in whatever combination you need.

  • Unlock additional networks: Why stopping after Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? Yeah, got you covered: UniShare adds Yammer (if your company network allows external apps), Tumblr, Geeklist and saving links to your Pocket account. Recently, I also added sharing to Path. On top, you can share your updates to vkontakte.com.

UniShare has a lot of additional features:

  • one-click-sharing (uses the current selected sharing combination to update your networks)

  • mention suggestion base: easily mention your Twitter friends within your updates.
  • option to continue sharing to other networks if one network update fails.

  • option to unlock all above mentioned packages at once for a reduced price

Today, I got the update to v0.8.8.0 approved. Changelog:

  • we fixed and error where some not connected networks did not get hidden on setting this option

  • we removed BugSense due to some serious performance problems and app crashes

  • Many of you requested it, that?s why UniShare now only exits on the compose page. It displays also selective message before it exits to prevent non wanted exits. Don?t worry if you don?t like those messages, you can tell UniShare to not show it again.

  • We made also some changes to the image editor. It needs to be activated now before selecting an image or taking a photo and works also with photos from the library.

  • minor bug fixes

Due to the recent store outage for in app purchases, I also improved this part of the application. I added a new page where all additional packages are listed. The page tells you what you are getting with your purchase and detects your current license states. On top of that, I am no longer checking the license state on every app start, but save them for 96 hours. After that, the app performs a refresh of the licenses. This should avoid problems like the recent outages in future.

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