Update Instantly Killed


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Aug 23, 2013
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I've seen many problems related to that amazing (!) phone but mine is a little different than what has been shared.

Last night, to be honest, didn't read what it was about but I was warned like, "There is an update for this. You want to download? If so, I will shut down for a while."

I said OK. Then the phone turned off and I saw two gears (like that: Gear - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) for around 10 mins, probably meaning, "We are now updating your phone to death. Wait."

After all, my phone seemed to have completed the update and starting screen showed up. HTC beatsaudio. OK. After that, I saw blue screen of Windows Phone. Good.

But what? Back to HTC screen! I fully charged it. I completely emptied the battery. Nothing. Just nothing works and the phone keeps vibrating and showing the same screens like 2 HTC 1 Windows phone. Like a joke.

Well, that was a gift from my dad. I don't even remember where I put warranty stuff so don't know where to call or ask - not dad, we live in different cities. Currently, my PC is also broken so this phone was much more important for me.

How to fix that? Is there any way to reboot it like, "press that for 6 times, lick back button 2 times, kiss the phone twice and you will see a screen to reboot"?

PS: I've dropped it on floor a few times but never experienced ANY problem in any way. I also use cover all the time. The problem was right after that thing called "update".

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