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Urgent - Factory live tile stopped working


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Nov 26, 2013
That, after stressing out my battery life to around 5% the other day, i had some strange problem,
I have two live tiles: One for my "favorite" contacts, and another one for a specific contact, when i was low on battery, i was receiving messages and as usual they also showed on the live tile, HOWEVER, even after reading them, live tiles didnt refresh them, they kept adding and adding with eventual new messages. Ok fine i thought it was just some battery saving or something.
After fully loading, the problem persisted, i did a normal shut down of the phone, and also a soft reset, the problem persisted. Ok i deleted both live tiles and added them again, now they are STUCK doing nothing, and nothing seems to fix it. Is doing a full reset my only option?

UPDATE: Now after i got a new message from the contact in the live tile, a "1" was added to it and i can see the picture again, however, after reading the message the 1 is still stuck there, this is retarded. Favorites live tile still not working.
Btw i have amber update.

UPDATE2: After around 2 or 3 normal shut downs, and 3 soft resets it somehow fixed itself... Close this!
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