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USAA App August 12th 2014 Update


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Mar 5, 2014
Chalk this one as a PSA... but if you can avoid it, do not update to the August 12th 2014 version of the USAA app. 50/50 chance that the update will not allow you to login to your accounts or otherwise use the app in any way. My wife and I both have the same phone with the most current Dev Preview builds (including today's update) and hers works and mine does not.

I spoke with technical support and they confirmed that there is an authentication bug that they are working on that will not allow you to login, they are pointing people to use IE on your device for access. Also the fun part is that there is no ETA.

Sorry fellow prior services folks, hope that they get it fixed up soon! :eek:rly:
UPDATE: 8/21 19:30 - well after an initial teaser update, another update was pushed out this evening which fixed the login issues! Hats off to whoever developed their apps for the quick fix!
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