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Verizon HTC 8X Priced $129.74 at Sam's Club


Aug 2, 2012
If you happen to be a Sam's Club member, the HTC 8X is available for $129.74 on a two year contract or $569.74 without a contract. The Nokia 822 is $49.74 on contract and $469.74 as device only. Advantage Plus members should also get the standard Sam's Club doubled warranty. I do business purchases through them so it will be an option to consider when my contract is up in February. The 8X is $99 and the 822 is free on contract at Walmart if one wanted to buy a phone through Walmart (I'll pass even for the price).
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Jul 30, 2011
Thanks for letting us know. I was planning on getting the 8X, but it is just way too tall for a 4.3" screened phone. I like the 822, but the 8X's screen and design are definitely better. I don't know if I should wait it out or just get the 822.