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Ronald Urbassik

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Sep 8, 2013
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I tried shooting a video.
I can hear the sound faintly but there is a lot of static.
I transferred the video to my computer and played it.
Same thing.
I tried a number of voice recorder apps.
Loud static on playback.

Also I found that when on a phone call,
if I switch to Speaker, they can't hear me.

I called Nokia Support twice,
they both suggested that I return it.
I tried a soft reset - didn't help.
I tried a full reset - didn't help.

I am returning it to Amazon.com.
I see that they just cut the price from $669.99 to $609.99.
I requested a refund instead of sending me another one.

My present phone is a Nokia 808.
After briefly trying Windows 8,
I really didn't see how it was better than Symbian.
My 808 fits in my shirt pocket sideways,
so I don't worry about it falling out when I bend over.
The 1020 is bigger so it has to be vertical in my pocket,
and would fall out when I bend over.
I may or may not re-order a 1020.
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