Want an Xbox VR headset? You will be able to get one soon, sort of.


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Mar 19, 2024
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This announcement (not the article here but the Meta post) was a huge puff of smoke that should have been exciting but ended up inevitably disappointing. In fact, the more I mull over it, the more I feel as if the announcements in the post would have been more exciting on their own. If Meta actually makes the OS or interfacing with Meta content open source, that would be exciting, but right now what's been announced just means having some obvious and frankly limited partnerships in big tech, which is a long way from "open" by any standard but Apple's.

I am a little interested to see what kind of "pro gamer" headset comes from other partnerships, but it would have been interesting on its own and there would have been no sense of a bait and switch on the promise of "openness" that only seems to apply to existing contractors so far. If Meta actually puts out the code as open source for everyone, I'll take it back, but even then I think they should not have announced before being willing to publish the code.

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