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Jul 25, 2009
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Post: Developers of InPic reverse engineering/copying codes from Instance and #2InstaWithMassiveLove
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You guys being developers, are not so smart are you? more of cry babies then anything. This coping is what makes me think twice before i call my self a developer.

Why are you not smart? you ask? you are all trying to produce an app that is supposed to result in the same exact thing excesses "Instagram". one simple instagram, a bunch of you. Your apps are going to end up being similar.

and this is what brings me to you guys being cry babies. you are supposed to be grown men!! Rudy you claim these guys copied you, but you just added a feature to your app that someone else had before you. (to help you out repost = regram), shall the community call you a copycat? don't get me wrong, im not taking sides here. you did come up with multiple accounts, and others followed your footsteps. did they copy you?

Rudy, you need to get your **** straight!! your tweeter is full of you whining about your competitors, and you are not the only one. #2insta... you are also in the same shoes as the devs you are accusing. You all should be shameful!!

I can keep going on, but this is all the time I have for this useless claims, everyone here need to move on!

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