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Jan 11, 2008
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Post: Random battery drain getting out of hand now..
User: Boris Lozac
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I want to make you aware that it is against forum rules to change the spelling of words to beet the curse filter. Posting words like fckin is not allowed. I have closes your battery thread because of this rules violation. I want to make sure you are awate of the rule that is why I am sending you this warning.

Original Post:
Really starting to lose patience here. This is the third time it has happened in just over a month of owning the phone (L520).
First i thought it's GPS cause i've read somewhere that Here Drive can get stuck blah blah, stopped using it, thought it stopped but happened again.
Then someone told me it could be a faulty micro SD card, removed it, didn't happened for like 10 days, and then last night it happened aggain. Went from 96 to 56% while sleeping.

Now i'm in the mood of not wanting to play Sherlock anymore, i don't fckin care what it is, this is unnaceptable whatever it is, and i'm sure it's OS related. If some hardware was faulty it would happen more often.
I never once had this happen in more then 3 years of owning an HTC Wildfire, not to mention the dumb phones prior to it.

I'm really liking WP8 and this phone, but 3 times in a month, it's ridicolous.

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