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Post: The Nokia Acquisition (post comments and questions here)
User: Doohickie
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Original Post:
The forum nazis have been diligent in locking all threads with anything relating to the merger. The result is this multipage thread that's becoming unwieldy. There are a lot of aspects to the merger; maybe people should be allowed to ask distinct questions in separate threads instead of merging all of them in here to die. For instance, I saw something about what would happen to the unique Nokia app suite. That is a subject that is worthy of an in-depth discussion, but instead it was closed with direction to here. If I want to know what facts/discussion/conjecture about the apps suite is, I have to sift through all the other posts here. That doesn't make munch sense.

I can see merging redundant threads, but some aspects really deserve their own discussions. If it's a question that's already being discussed in here, fine, redirect to here. But why dump all the different aspects together, all jumbled up?

It would be like merging all the GDR2 threads. There are definite reasons for having several different threads on the subject. Well this merger encompasses a much larger scope than the GDR2 update, but the mods deemed it wise to create one unmanageable superthread for the Nokia Acquisition. There's a lot to this story; separate threads for distinct subjects should be allowed.

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