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Dec 1, 2009
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Post: Article: "Time to Cut Microsoft Some Slack; Surface 2 Shows They Understand Mobile"
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[QUOTE="gsquared, post: 2147944, member: 165868"]Though I certainly do not agree with the JKing I do not believe they should be given any slack. That will only make them complacent. They need to stay hungry. When they finally do pierce the skin of their competitors they will just rip it to shreds.

Oh, and JKing. You really need to find your self another way to make a living. Being someones lacky to write nasty things doesn't suit you.[/QUOTE]

I'm sorry the truth hurts. You shouldn't get emotionally attached to a device, or corporation. Neither are capable of caring about you. If criticism hurts you that much, maybe you should hire a therapist. I'm posting this from a Lumia 822, and I've worked IT for close to 20 years. I know exactly what I'm talking about, and every word I wrote is true. Denial isn't going to change anything. If Microsoft doesn't shape u and stop letting MBA's run the company, they'll have to retreat into enterprise services, like the company Ballmer used to ridicule for "not getting it": IBM.

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