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Sep 18, 2012
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Post: Stuck on Spinning Cogs
User: Kellzea
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Original Post:
[QUOTE="TeknoBlast, post: 2104036, member: 184760"]This is just great. I was out of my phone all last week because the update was stuck on the spinning cogs. Now my wife kicked off her update on your L521 and it also is stuck on the spinning cogs.

Anyone else get this? Guess I'll have to send it in for repairs like I did mine.[/QUOTE]

or you could i don't know READ THE DAMN FORUMS.

There are over a thousand threads like this, every single one has the simple step by step guide on how to fix it. Should take you about half an hour.

Every day someone starts a "ive got spinning gears". Seriously, just read the forums. You don't even have to read this forum, the fix is on every forum known to man.

You found your way here to post this, couldn't you have clicked the search icon and typed "spinning gears".

Would have taken seconds. But nooooooooo. That's too hard.

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