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Dec 1, 2009
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Post: Just got a lumia 900, my 1st windows phone
User: nautanki_saala
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[QUOTE="jollygrunt#WP, post: 2089766, member: 154376"]I've had previous iterations of windows mobile phones: 5, 6 and 6.5 OS phones.

Since my last windows mobile phone, I've been using low end android phones.

The build quality of this Nokia phone is just awesome. Miles better than what I am accustomed to.

I updated to the 7.8 OS which is the latest one available to the 900.

This was so unbelievably easy as compared to trying to update Android phones, which didn't happen much at all, especially for the lower end models.

Anyway, looking forward to learning more and helping when I can.[/QUOTE]

biggest mistake of ur life of bringing a wp7 device instead of wp8!
Now enjoy the buggy os with buggy apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. which all work fine in wp8! Plus no support from Microsoft so no more updates! Lastly all popular apps are just for wp8 and not 7!
One more rich fool 😂
Shud have got the 920/820

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