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Dec 1, 2009
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Post: So, am I entitled to a refund for missing apps?
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[QUOTE="lantern20, post: 2138175, member: 150529"]I can still take the new fan belt off of the car and put an old one on if I can use that fan belt on the new car. The Xbox controller may not be compatible with the Xbox One, but it will still work with my Xbox 360 which it was purchased for & I can take the batteries out of it an re-use them. I can even sell them and recoup some of the money wasted on them.

While I don't feel entitled to a refund, I would like access to what I purchased. Unfortunately, even if you have the xap downloaded, you cannot re-install an app that was purchased since it verifies it against the WP store.

I don't think that is a staggering sense of entitlement, having access to what was purchased.[/QUOTE]

You still have access to what you purchased when you use your [B]Windows Phone 7 device[/B].

Common sense, do you know what it is?

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