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Post: Very good condition Black Nokia Lumia 920 with unlock code, charging pad and more for sale!
User: ryanj04
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Original Post:
I have a black Nokia Lumia 920 for sale on swappa.com if anyone is interested! It comes with the Nokia branded charging pad, zagg invisi-shield screen protector, original box and manuals, and nokia Lumia 920 case. Original USB cable and wall charger also included. I have the unlock code supplied by AT&T for this device so it can be used on any other U.S. GSM carrier as well as internationally. If you are interested go to the following link to purchase. Swappa is 100% safe and all sales are done via paypal.

[url=http://swappa.com/listing/RLD318/view?ref=mobilenations&data1=UUwpUvbUpU2003613]Nokia Lumia 920 (AT&T) For Sale - RLD318 - $290 > Swappa[/url]

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