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Watch the first 13 minutes of Mass Effect Andromeda, Peebee's loyalty mission

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Dec 17, 2013

Mass Effect Andromeda is fast approaching, and it will be available first on Xbox One thanks to EA Access.
Mass Effect Andromeda is an all-new story, following the tale of Ryder as he journeys to the Andromeda galaxy in an effort to expand humanity's reach across the galaxy. With the starship Hyperion in tow, Ryder and 20,000 human colonists travel across the universe, in a game that should elevate the Mass Effect formula in galactic ways.
Mass Effect Andromeda will take cues from Dragon Age Inquisition, offering huge open worlds upon which to quest, explore, and loot. Unlike Inquisition, however, Andromeda will attempt to sidestep the former's reliance on filler side quests, filling its world with Witcher 3-like meaningful content.

If you can't wait (less than two weeks!) to get your hands on Mass Effect Andromeda in early access, you can now view the first 13 minutes of the game online.

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