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What are advantages of keeping contacts and calendar on Outlook acc. vs moving both to Google acc.?


New member
Nov 21, 2018
Well, it won't get added to an advertising profile that Google sells. Of course the profile is said to be "unidentifiable", but you know, some people still are wary about that.
I have my contacts on Google, and my calendar on Microsoft. Google Contacts is better in the way that allows for custom fields. Instead of 3 numbers labeled Office, I can have 3 numbers labeled City1 Office, City2 Office, and Home Office, so I know which phone I'm calling.
I have my calendar on Microsoft because previously, Microsoft To-Do can be made to show on the Samsung Calendar by subscribing to Outlook Tasks calendar. They currently broke that, but said they are planning for the feature to have the tasks on the calendar view come back. Google on the other hand doesn't have a clear direction. They have killed a tasks feature in the calendar and are currently running 2 to-do/tasks app. So which one to use?

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