What phone would be your ultimate Windows phone?


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Nov 16, 2013
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A Lumia 1020 with the exact same specs and hardware setup left intact (including the S4 processors and weird 768p resolution... I only wanna keep that because Chaos Rings doesn't work with many other configurations), but with a couple changes.
- Throw that damn OLED screen out for a IPSLCD Clearblack display
- Ditch the micro for a Type-C port.
- I don't know what compelled them to release anything marketed for it's camera capabilities without an SD card slot, but it needs one badly.
- Lumia Camera is awesome, and it always has been... but the capability to swap lenses is simply and absolutely necessary when they want to make a phone camera that's capable of rivaling professional cameras. The BeastGrip is a clunky and expensive (yet functional) way to handle it, but natively having the capability would make such a huge difference.

Kimmo Toivanen

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Jan 12, 2013
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I'd be quite fine with Lenovo Vibe S1 Light -like device (2G/16G memory, phase detection AF) with sd card, camera button and working W10M. Black front, white matte back please :)
It should cost the same as Moto G (2015 2G/16G)...

Steve Adams

Nov 29, 2013
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Basically my 1020, size is perfect, camera is beyond perfect, it would just need 4 gb ram, 256gb storage, SD card, removable battery and the newest processor. Instant flagship.

After using my samesong note for the past month, big screens are horrible for a mobile device. Use a tablet if you want big screen.


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Apr 6, 2013
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Lumia 1520 with better battery life and maybe a 1020 lens and type C USB port.

I totally agree with you on this, but I'll prefer a just a slightly smaller version (ie, reduced bezel) with Continuum, that also infers a more powerful CPU.

Current development of batteries means we'll double the capacity to fast charging 6000mA.... duration utopia... Or slightly reduce the battery size to accommodate a updated 1020 lens (xenon flash please)
...and it must come in the old lumia colours fluorescent green, cyan, lemon... and my favorite, orange!!!
Take my money already

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Nov 15, 2012
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I would have to say a modernized (larger screen, better camera, et cetera) Samsung SGH-i760. That was my dream phone back in the day and if it didn't brick itself I think I'd probably still be using it.


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Jan 6, 2014
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What's my ultimate Windows phone?

A clear, unbreakable, unscratchable and uncrackable slab of Lucite with invisible innards and battery, that doesn't collect fingerprints. It does detect them, on any part of its surface, for unlocking purposes though. It runs Windows Pro or Enterprise -- not Windows Mobile -- and when I drop it on the wireless charger on my desk, it automatically pairs with my keyboard, mouse, touchscreen and other screens, and connects to my Windows Server domain infrastructure including shared folders and printers.

When it's in my hand (which I can see because it's clear) away from that infrastructure, it can connect to it on a VPN over the cellular network to get to the same resources, and I can run all my existing software on it because I can use any pointy object including a real pencil or a toothpick as a stylus to manipulate the tiny buttons and controls on a full Windows desktop.

It also makes phone calls, and it doesn't matter which way you hold it because there are microphones and speakers (invisible, of course) on every edge. For Fuddie-Duddies who are uncomfortable with a completely clear device, it has adjustable levels of opaqueness including a customizable "shattered screen simulation" to help you fit in with the trendy folks still using iPhones. And of course it has a camera which can focus on the nose hairs of a gnat a mile away and capture a video of it in flight with 8K video and full 7.1 surround sound.

You asked for my "ultimate Windows phone," not my "ultimate Windows phone that's feasible with current technology." If you'd asked that instead, I'd say my Lumia 950XL and display dock does everything I want just fine.
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Feb 8, 2013
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I would love a phone which is has ~4.5" screen, 1280x800 maximum resolution, could do with 720p, but a bit bigger in that dimension is nicer, has a great camera, has generally flagship level hardware such as CPU's and RAM, but doesn't go silly in forsaking battery life. Battery life is the big one (apart from the form factor) where I think it should be able to last at least a whole weekend with moderate to heavy usage, without a charge. Obviously more is better, but I guess it's good to be realistic. Oh, and since it's a thing now, still have the headphone jack. Apart from that, all the other things are standard features, wifi, bluetooth, GPS, etc... so no point going through everything.

Now, that's just the hardware. With regards to software, I'm torn. I love the experience of WP8.1, it's a really nice clean UI, but lack of support is killing W10M. There's just no way that the platform can continue as it is, unless either some killer apps come its way, or big apps start supporting the platform.

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