What to expect from Micrsoft's X018 Xbox event

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Dec 17, 2013
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X0 returns in November, 2018, as a special Xbox event for fresh announcements. But what should you realistically expect?
This year, Microsoft is reviving X0, its previous annual Xbox event of yesteryear. Microsoft gaming head Phil Spencer announced the news on Inside Xbox a few weeks back, detailing a bit about the history of the show, and what fans can expect.

The most recent X0 event took place eight years ago in 2010, in San Francisco. Since then, Microsoft largely stuck to E3 and occasionally Gamescom for making headline announcements, with the odd one-off event appearing here and there. It sounded as though Microsoft wants to begin doing X0 events on an annual basis once again, which historically take place in various locations throughout the world. X0 2018 will take place in Mexico City on November 10th. There will be a special two hour long Inside Xbox live stream during the event, where you can expect major "E3-level" announcements. Spencer noted that previously at X0, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Rare. Acquisitions indeed...
So, let's explore some of the rumors and things we can realistically expect. One thing's for sure, though. With this new Xbox; expect the unexpected.

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